My daughter has taken lessons with Linda for 6 years, and I'm very pleased with her progress. Linda is patient and makes piano lessons fun. My daughter is now 13 and plays for our church regularly, and I'm certain she will continue to enjoy the piano for years to come. I have found Linda's pricing to be more than fair. You'll be lucky to have her!

Kristi R. 


My daughter started taking lessons about 2.5 years ago w/teacher Bates. I felt like this teacher has listened to my questions or concerns and addressed them pro-actively. I really appreciate teacher Bates does not placate my child and upholds fair consistent rules (my child loves grey areas). I have really enjoyed watching and listening my daughter 'get it' and she can actually 'play' the piano. Its amazing and I am glad I found someone took the time to help my child be as awesome as I already knew she was.


Linda Bates brought back the joy of playing piano to my son! Linda is intuitive and understands how to motivate kids to want to learn to play better.


My children have been taking piano lessons at Evergreen Piano Studio since 2013. I know for sure that this place is the right place for my children because they don't complain about going or wanting to quit. Ms. Linda has a calm personality and provides honest and direct feedback to the children on where they need to improve and the method for improving. Since our children have been taking lessons at Evergreen Piano Studio, their knowledge and performance has significantly improved. Excellent teacher and mentor for our children.


My children have been with Linda since they started piano at age 5, they are now 16 & 14. They simply love her. I appreciate her willingness to flex to their different styles of learning and engagement. I gave both the option to stop lessons after 8th grade, neither one wanted to stop so as a Junior & Freshman in high school they are still with Linda.


My friend, whose son received a music scholarship as well as enjoyed his piano lessons highly, recommended Linda to me. Linda'€™s great experience and personal methodologies guide students in the shortest way to success and brings an appreciation of music into their lives. No moments during her lessons are wasted for unrelated matters a€“s she always keeps students focused by moving from one activity to another, and by being friendly and encouraging. She is always flexible with her schedule and pleasant to work with.

She is a rare instructor who works hard to give students the opportunity to perform in public venues a few times a year (the most favorite moments to my boys), which make children self-confident and proud to demonstrate the fruit of their effort.

I have two children who are taking lessons with Linda and they love it: 8 years old (for two years) and 5 years (for over a year). Daily practice at home for my children has turned into a fun habit, and I do not have to be involved much anymore. Linda is a role model for how an instructor should be and I highly recommend her to everyone. I am very thankful to Linda for bringing such an appreciation and joy of music into my sons’ lives.

Our family moved to Portland three months ago, but we are still driving to Olympia once a week for lessons because so far we cannot find another instructor with the same excellent qualities.