The lesson calendar runs from September through July and primarily follows the North Thurston School calendar. June and July are excellent months to take lessons as there is plenty of time to practice without the stress of homework. Lessons may serve to break up the boredom some children experience during the summer. Music is geared more toward student choice and lessons are more flexible. You may schedule your lesson earlier in the day if that suits you. The studio is closed all of August.    
                  Vacation Make- ups            

Please let me know in advance if you are taking a vacation. Two vacation make ups are allowed per year. If you are taking a vacation during the school year, you may use the designated make ups on the calendar.  Summer vacation make ups are more flexible and there are a lot  of "work arounds."


            Quitting For The Summer

If a student does not attend lessons during the summer, but continues to pay tuition and August registration, the lesson timeslot is secured for September. If the student quits for the summer, but does not pay tuition, the timeslot is forfeited..
                                                                                                     Withdrawing From The Studio
A 30 day notice of withdrawal allows the studio time to fill the slot you are vacating. It is appreciated. There are no refunds or penalties for early withdrawal.
In the event I would need to dismiss a student, it would be for one of more of the following reasons:
  • Lack of willingness to participate during lesson time.
  • Lack of diligence as to practice and lesson preparation.
  • Lack of dependability exhibited in persistent absences.
  • Lack of focus or disruptive behavior. Inability to stay seated.
  • Lack of consideration exhibited by being habitually late with tuition.