Studio Fees

Spring Recital

A recital fee of $10.00 per student is due along with the April  tuition payment. This fee is applied to rentals, awards and refreshments. (Spring Recital only.)

                            Olympia Music Teacher's Association Festivals

Fees are required for two of the OMTA festivals: Sonatina and Jazz, Pop and Duet. They run about $5 per festival

Guild Auditions

Fees for the Auditions are assessed as to level and length of program. They range from $20-$80 averaging in the $30 range. Fees are non-refundable.

Other Fees

Late Payment Penalty

If tuition is not paid by the 10th, a late penalty of $10.00 will be added and lessons will be suspended until payment is brought up to date. If not paid by the last day of the month, lessons will be considered terminated.

                                             Insufficient Funds Penalty
A $30.00 charge will be assessed for checks returned for insufficient funds.