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 Learning to play the piano requires dedication and discipline. For most students these are yet to be developed qualities. If the elementary student is allowed to be in charge of her/his own practice time, he or she may only go to the piano once or twice during the week and progress will be slow to none at all. Please take the time to order your child’s practice.


How Often Should I Practice?

Much of learning a piece requires muscle memory. A little every day will get you miles farther than "cramming" the night before.

Below is a guide for minimum practice times.

Level                                               Time spent                       No.of Days

Yng Beginner - Primer                    3-6X each piece                  5-7

Lvl 1 – Lvl 2B                                  20-40 minutes                     5-7

Lvl 3-4                                            40-60 minutes                      5-7

Lvl 5 and up                                   50 –90 min and up               5-7


How Should I Practice?

Practice should be SLOW as practice makes permanent. Don't keep going over the sections you know well. Practice the difficult sections until you can play them 5x without a mistake. Speed comes later.


When Should I Practice?

The best way is to schedule it every day at the same time.

Research shows that 60% of the teaching has been lost on the student after 24 hrs. One of the best times to practice is directly following the lesson.