Live Performances                      
Rehearsals are held at the studio and are scheduled a week or two before the two studio recitals. Recital etiquette is reinforced. Students should have their assigned piece prepared at performance level and bring their music with them to these classes.

Studio Recitals

Spring Recital:   Our performance for family and friends,usually held in April or May. A promotion and awards ceremony follows.Students are expected to participate in the studio Spring Recital. All other performances and recitals are optional.

Winter Recital: Our gift of music to others. It is held in December, usually at a retirement home. Family and friends are welcome.

                                          Olympia Music Teachers Association Festivals

These are city-wide recitals normally held at one of the churches downtown Olympia. Pieces must be memorized except for duets.


Harvest Festival-- held  the first Saturday in November   Free of charge

Sonatina Festival--held the last Saturday in  February   Small entry fee

Pop, Jazz and Duet Festival--held the first Saturday in May. Parents who play piano are welcome to play a duet. Small entry fee.

                                      American College of Musicians Guild Auditions*

 Students perform a prepared program of 3-10 memorized pieces in the presence of an adjudicator assigned by the ACM. Parents and teachers are not allowed in the adjudication room. Students receive a report card, a pin and a certificate. This is a nice addition to a student's high school portfolio. By teacher invitation only. This is held sometime in early June. This requires a non-refundable fee of $30-$40.