What Will I Be Learning During Online Lessons?
             Evergreen Piano Studio provides online lessons over through Skype. .
            Although I teach on an acoustic piano for local lessons,  my primary instrument for online lessons is a Yamaha digital DGX 650.
           The  comprehensive curriculum includes some or all of the following:
            Core lesson, technique, theory, eartraining, sightreading, scales and chords, lead sheets and basic composition. Understanding that everyone is unique, the curriculum may be customized upon request or need.
 What Kind of Setup Do I Need For Online Lessons?
  • A device such as a desktop, laptop or tablet with a built in webcam.
Somewhere to place the device during online lessons such as a music standa table, a stool or a chair. For the student, it is best to position the device a little ways away from one side of the piano so that the teacher can see the profile of the student as well as his or her hands on the piano. You probably won’t need to change the position of your device once you get set up.
  • A full-sized acoustic or digital piano (recommendations.)
  • Books and/or sheet music or other materials recommended by the teacher. These are purchased online by the student. Links will be provided by the studio.
  • A downloaded Skype program.
  • Headphones - some find that wearing these improves the sound/feedback/possible echoing. I haven’t noticed a huge difference.
  • External microphone? If you wish, but normally, the built in mic will suffice.
  • Extra webcam - aside from the one in your laptop, you may want to put one on a mic boom stand to show a different angle if you wish.