Missed Lessons and Cancellations        
                                                        Same day cancelations will not be re-scheduled
Enrolling for lessons is a purchase of teacher and studio time prepared in advance specifically for you. If you miss your lesson without prior notice, the lesson is forfeited. If you need to cancel your lesson, you may reschedule online, giving at least a 12 hr notice. I will automatically receive an email as to any changes to the schedule. You may also call, email or text your cancelation.

Do not bring your child to lessons if they have stayed home from school, if they are sneezing, coughing, feverish or if they are otherwise contagious.
  • You may move the lesson to another spot within the week provided there is an available time slot. (contact me or reserve  your spot on the online calendar.) I will receive an email concerning the cancellation and the reschedule.
  • You may attend a  makeup class. There are 3 marked on the calendar (contact me or reserve a spot on the online calendar.)  I will receive an email concerning the scheduled class.
  • You may schedule an online lesson. 
  • You may schedule a phone lesson.
  • Please be aware that lessons must be rescheduled at least 12 hours in advance.
If you do not attend your rescheduled appointment, the lesson is considered forfeited. It will not be made up.
 Cancellations During Snow Days
  •  You may schedule an online lesson.
  • You may schedule a phone lesson.                                                 
                                                          Teacher Cancellation

Except for two teacher sick days, if the teacher cancels, the lesson will be rescheduled. If that is not possible, a credit will be given.