About   Lessons                                                                    
Ages Taught
Students  must be age 5 +  (children must know the first seven letters of the alphabet)
Children must be able to sit and focus for 20-30 minutes.

Levels Taught
Beginning through early advanced.

Lessons are 30 or 45 minutes once a week.  Please be on time for your lesson. Lessons will not be extended for late arrival. Lessons will be extended if the teacher is working overtime with a student. Please pick up your children on time. If you arrive early or the current student is finishing up, please go quietly to the waiting room.




 Waiting Room

This is a private lesson only studio. The private lesson requires focus without distraction. Because of this, parents, siblings and other visitors are asked to sit in the waiting room or out in the car during lesson time. The waiting area is stocked with toys, coloring books, and reading material.

* Due to covid-19, parents and siblings will be asked to stay in their vehicles for the duration of the lesson.