Welcome to Evergreen Piano Studio!  My name is Linda Bates and I have lived in the area for 20+ years, giving piano lessons out of  my SE Olympia studio and also online. If you are just beginning or have been playing for awhile, I have a place for you in my studio! The course curriculum includes note-reading, ear-training, sight-reading, theory, chords/scales, lead sheets and basic composition.  Performance opportunities are available as is entry into the annual National Guild Auditions. Understanding that everyone is unique, the curriculum may be customized upon request or need. Lessons are 30 or 45 minutes once per week, and I teach ages 5 and up. If you would like to meet, please fill out the registration form and request a free consult.  Homeschool hours available.



Perseverance is the key to mastering the instrument.

Learning the piano is academic: It causes both hemispheres of the brain to communicate with each other, an activity which  strengthens academic learning.

Learning the piano is therapeutic: It bolsters self esteem and soothes the soul.

Learning the piano is personal: How a piece is played is unique to you. No two people play the same piece quite the same way. And... you can play even into your golden years.

Learning piano is fun: There is satisfaction in knowing how to play well for your own and other's enjoyment.